Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blowing Bubbles

For the last few months Lillian has evolved a particular whine when she's fussy. It goes something like mmmwah! mmmwah! mmmwah!… (mouse over for IPA). A few weeks I ago I noticed that she wasn't simply doing this for the linguistic quality of the sound, or to maximize parental annoyance, she was blowing a spit bubble with each mmmwah! This isn't the first time she's blown spit bubbles [1], but in the past the bubbles have never been so big! After several weeks of attempting to document this phenomenon, Leann finally caught it on video. And now I present it to you.

What a funny kid!


[1] See my post Growling, Grabbing, and Gnats and my post Raspberries.

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