Saturday, February 16, 2013


We've taken Lilli sledding twice now. The first time was before we left Utah. We met up with some of my buddies from high school to say goodbye before our move [1], and went to John Adams Park in Brigham City. The park is mostly a depression and there were spots to sled all the way around the bowl. Lilli and I were feeling fearless, but Leann needed to be reassured. So we started out near the bottom of the hill and once Leann was soothed, we worked our way up to the top of the hill.

But eventually Lilli got cold and she and Leann went to wait in the car. I went with my friends Ben and Destin (and Destin's son, Jaret), to try out all the sled jumps that had been constructed around the edge of the park. A few were okay but we generally didn't catch much air. We also tried going down in chains, which improved the experience in a few cases.

The second time was last Saturday. We went to a nearby school with some neighbors who live in the building next to ours. They have a daughter, named Willa, who is a year older than Lilli. We brought along a cardboard box (which proved to be useless) because we don't own a sled, but our friends were kind enough to share. The snow was deep enough that Lilli couldn't walk in it without help. They say it's unusual for Wisconsin to get this much snow—it usually just gets freezing rain.


[1] See my post Move to Wisconsin.

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