Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fitchburg Days

Before Leann's parents came to visit and then take her and Lilli on a two-week trip to Texas [1], we took Lilli to the Fitchburg Days fair. Fitchburg is a suburb of Madison that lies to the South. We live so close to Fitchburg that we can walk to the boundary between the two cities in a matter of minutes. Strangely, according to the boundaries drawn by Google Maps we don't live in Madison or Fitchburg. Anyway, Fitchburg Days ran from May 17–19 and that Saturday we took Lilli because there was going to be a free 'animal interaction' put on by the Heartland Farms Animal Sanctuary.[2]

As we were walking to the fair, Leann spotted this Great Blue Heron. While we were watching it stabbed this fish and swallowed it. Amazing!

Lilli wasn't tall enough to go on any of the rides (and besides that the tickets were ridiculously expensive), but she was really excited about two rides in particular, the "dragon train" (shown above) and the "bouncy cars" (similar to this one, but race car-themed).

The 'animal interaction' had fewer animals than I expected, but Lilli had a great time with the ones that came: she got to pet a rooster and feed dandelions to a pair of goats.

On the fairgrounds were a couple of tractors. It wasn't until after we'd taken these photos that I noticed the sign that said, "Please do not climb on tractors." Oops…

We couldn't stay very long (Lilli had to go home for a nap), but my girls had a great time!


[1] If you're curious what I did with myself while they were gone, see my post A Brief Return to Bachelorhood.

[2] See

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