Friday, November 8, 2013

Learning Numbers

It's been a while since Lilli learned her alphabet and what sounds are associated with each letter.[1] So lately we've been trying to teach Lilli her numbers, but somewhere along the way she got it in her head that they go: "one, two, three, nine…" [2] Despite extensive coaching, that's still what she usually says. I've been focued so much on correcting this issue that I didn't realize that Leann had moved on to higher numbers. So, I was a bit surprised when, while shooting this video, Lilli got past five and kept going!

As you can see, she still needed some help getting past four, but then did amazingly well.

Lilli has also been learning how to demonstrate numbers using her fingers. At first she would hold out all her fingers on one hand and then use the other hand to push down the necessary fingers to indicate a given number. (I would have to wait, patiently, with my hand in the appropriate 'mudra' until she got it right.) Now, with the exception of three, she can do it one-handed.


[1] See my post ABCs.

[2] Hopefully this is correctible, like my disastrous assocation with RYPGPOB, not insuperable, like QWERTY or rubisco.

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