Friday, February 7, 2014

Lincoln's Milestones

I've been really awful about posting Lincoln's milestones, so you're going to get several of them at once. (And a few updates, too.)

Lincoln started trying to hold up his head within a few days of coming home from the hospital. Here he is holding up his head when he was about one month old.

And here he is holding up his head recently.

Within a few weeks he started following things (but he only did it consistently when the camera wasn't rolling). Here he is following a giant plush amoeba when he was about one month old.

And here is a video of him following me and the camera from a few days ago.

When Lincoln started talking, it was usually while he was getting his diaper changed. What was really surprising about it, was that he rarely talked to us. Instead, he would turn away from us and talk to a lime box next to his changing station (that is full of my things—I still haven't gotten around to unpacking it from when we moved out here to Wisconsin [1]). He also talked to the plush stars dangling over his bassinet.

More recently Lincoln has started smiling. He usually smiles when talking, but he also smiles sometimes specifically when we're playing with him, like in this video. He also laughs sometimes, but it doesn't really sound like a laugh, yet.

One day, during the Christmas break [2], I gave Leann several options for how I could help around the house. She chose for me to unpack the lime box. So I did. With no one over there to talk to, Lincoln began scratching the next box down the line (also full of my stuff).

And, to cap it all off, here is Lincoln talking (to a plush amoeba), spitting (that's a new development), and rolling onto his side.


[1] See my post Move to Wisconsin.

[2] See my post Lincoln's First Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

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  1. Is there a handsomer little man anywhere? I think not.