Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Review: 9

9 takes place following an apocalypse which has wiped out all or nearly all of humanity. The narration at the beginning seems to imply that it was due to environmental damage, but later on the film clarifies that a war had broken out between human beings and a sentient robot—a war which the robot, for all intents and purposes, had won. In this landscape we encounter nine dolls which are also sentient. They struggle to survive in a lifeless, barren world, where they are hunted by other robots.

The movie follows 9, the last of the dolls to awake into consciousness. He eventually encounters the others and disrupts their group dynamic. As the narrative progresses, we learn how these dolls came to be and what their purpose is. Once they achieve that purpose, though, you're left wondering whether their continued existence serves any purpose.

Eight of the dolls, including the eponymous 9, are portrayed as male. Of course the only female character is also the tough, adventurous, courageous, weapons-savvy character. As soon as that doll showed up I knew it would be female.[1] Despite that the dolls were an interesting variety of characters.

My verdict: This was an interesting movie, though a little short on dialogue. The interplay between the characters was handled well and the revelation of their purpose was satisfying. The visuals are easily the most impressive aspect of this movie. Definitely worth watching at least once.


[1] The "wimpy-guy-and-tough-girl" setup is becoming increasingly cliché in Hollywood these days. See my post Reverse Psych-ology.

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