Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Product Review: Denali Mint Moose Tracks

It all started with the original Moose Tracks flavor of ice cream: vanilla with veins and ribbons of chocolate, punctuated with mini peanut butter cups. Then came the derivatives: Caramel Caribou (with caramel ribbons and cups), Bear Foot Brownie (with chunks of brownie), etc. As the popularity of their ice creams continued to grow, Denali introduced new flavors but left off coming up with creative new names and simply added the flavor to the moniker "Moose Tracks". Thus we now have Cherry Moose Tracks, Fudge Moose Tracks, Malted Moose Tracks, and Mint Moose Tracks.[1] I'd previously tried Denali's Glacier Mint (mint ice cream with chocolate ribbons and mini mint cups), but not Mint Moose Tracks. Since it's hard to find Glacier Mint, I gave this one a shot.

My verdict: If you've ever felt like your chocolate chip mint ice cream didn't have enough chocolate, then this is the ice cream for you. There was chocolate everywhere. Cups, blobs, ribbons—it's impossible to take a bite without getting a lot of chocolate for your trouble. The ice cream itself was smooth and minty, though not quite as minty as Glacier Mint. My only real complaint is that I like the mint cups in the Glacier Mint better than the solid chocolate cups in this one. But absent Glacier Mint, Mint Moose Tracks is a great choice. I'll admit, though, that I like cheap chocolate chip mint ice cream just fine and its…well, cheaper.

In closing here (above) is the chemical structure of theobromine [2], the compound in chocolate that makes it poisonous to dogs.[3]


[1] Their full lineup can be seen here.

[2] Also known as xantheose.

[3] It's also poisonous to cats, but since they don't have sweet-sensing taste buds, they're unlikely to eat chocolate. See Biello, David (2007). "Strange but True: Cats Cannot Taste Sweets". Scientific American.

Image attribution:

The chemical structure of theobromine is by Magnus Manske, available at

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