Thursday, January 6, 2011

Movie Review: Despicable Me

Before I watched this movie, the only experience I'd had with it was seeing a Hitchcock-like silhouette of the main character.[1] I expected the main character to be, well, despicable. After the montage at the beginning, the main character doesn't do much that's very morally reprehensible. He's not that villainous; just petty and uncaring. I also expected him to look sinister, but he actually just looks kind of goofy.[2]

My verdict: Despite my misconceptions about the title character, I enjoyed this movie. The character development was believable and the "henchmen" are fun. The movie has a good moral, though I suspect that on average three adopted children at those ages  [3] wouldn't be so well-behaved. (But perhaps I only pay attention to the horror stories.)


[1] It can be seen here.

[2] I'm not sure why Steve Carrell chose to give the main character a Russian accent, but that also made him seem goofy rather than despicable.

[3] They actually called to mind the Chipettes.

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