Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Product Review: Kerrygold Blarney Castle Cheese

Many cheeses are named after the city or county where they were originally developed, such as Roquefort (named after a village in France), Asiago (named after a village in Italy), Cheddar (named after a village in England), Colby (named after a town in Wisconsin), etc. The name of Blarney Castle cheese is apparently intended to invoke this system for naming cheeses. But even though this cheese is manufactured in Ireland, I can promise you that they don't actually make it inside the Blarney Castle (it's produced in the same county as the castle, though—County Cork [1]).

My verdict: The wrapper touts this cheese as a "Smooth and Creamy Gouda Style" cheese. Well, I couldn't really detect anything gouda-like about it.[2] It wasn't a particularly inspiring cheese, so in the future I'll just stick to a regular Dutch Gouda.


[1] See http://www.kerrygoldusa.com/products/cheese/bid/62956/Blarney-Castle.

[2] In fact, I thought it tasted 'sheepy'. I bought this at the same time as I bought the Kerrygold Red Leicester. The review of that cheese (here) may shed some light on why I thought everything tasted 'sheepy' this time around.

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