Thursday, September 8, 2011

Product Review: Point Reyes Toma Cheese

As I've mentioned, I bought this cheese so that Leann would have something to try since she wouldn't be interested in eating the Shropshire blue cheese.[1] It's an Italian cheese, but this brand is produced in California (though the company is owned and operated by the Giacomini family, who, I presume, are of Italian descent). Since they started out making a Gouda, then flirted with the idea of calling it a Havarti [2] before calling it a Toma cheese [3], I'm unsure how similar it is to a genuine Piedmontese Toma cheese.

My verdict: It had a "stinky" flavor, like Emmental (Swiss) or Parmesan, but I noticed a distinct aftertaste which I thought was unpleasant. It was something like an overripe mushroom or bread mold. It wasn't bad enough to entice me to throw the cheese away—we did finish it—but I wouldn't buy it again.


[1] See my review of Shropshire blue cheese here.

[2] You can read my review of Dofino Havarti cheese here.

[3] See 1 fresh-goat-cheese-point-reyes-farmstead-cheese-sweeter-cheese.

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