Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There are multiple stages of playing peekaboo with a baby. At first you do the hiding and the baby's job is to giggle. Other names for peekaboo include keek-bo, peep-bo, bo-peep.[1] We never managed to get any good videos of Lillian when we were playing this stage of peekaboo with her—she always stopped to stare at (or even try to grab) the camera. The next stage involves the baby doing the hiding. And this time we've got some videos to showcase.

Here she is playing peekaboo with a dinner plate.

And here she is playing peekaboo with the drapes in the living room.


[1] Oxford English Dictionary, peekaboon., def. A1; keek comb. keek-bon., def. 1; peep-bon., def. 1; and bo-peepn., def. 1a.

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