Friday, June 1, 2012

Just Like Daddy

Every once in a while Lillian gets to meet and play with other people, but for the most part her social interactions are limited to playing with Leann and me. So she can't help but start to mimic us. Lucky kid, right? Sometimes…maybe…we teach her, but sometimes she just picks things up by watching us. Here are some of the ways she is or is trying to be like her Daddy.

She tries to wear glasses. (These are actually the glasses I used to watch The Phantom Menace in 3D.[1])

On that note, Lillian likes Star Wars. (That's Yoda, if you can't tell.)

She likes dinosaurs (her favorite, right now, is the Apatosaurus). And she's learning that it's important to growl while playing with them.

She plays with microbes.

She's learning to play soccer.[2]

And she really likes to read books.


[1] Read my review here.

[2] The guys in my lab would contest that I like to play soccer since I never go out to play with them on Fridays anymore.

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