Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Skills

This last weekend Lillian got sick for the first time. It was just a little cold. She was a little more mellow, a little fussier, less hungry, and discovered that she really hates having her nose wiped. But other than that she did okay. In spite of that, Lillian has picked up several new skills in the last week or so. That means that you should not only be impressed with Lillian, but also with me for posting about them in a timely manner.

She's finally started crawling with her belly off the ground.[1] There were two things that really pushed her into it. First, we discovered that she doesn't really like her bare skin to touch the carpet. And second, if she's trying to get something, she'll crawl in anticipation of reaching up for it. So this video is made possible by the fact that she's only wearing a diaper and she's trying to get the camera away from Leann. Now she's got the hang of it, though, so she doesn't need either of those incentives. And it's surprising how much more trouble she gets into with this simple little innovation.

A few days before she started crawling she figured out how to go from lying on her stomach to sitting. From her stomach she gets up on all fours and then pushes back until her bottom touches down. We clapped for her when she did this, so for a while it was a given that she would clap for herself after doing this.

And on that note, here she is clapping.

Not only can she clap, she can also wave goodbye.

When she wants to get up to a standing position she can pull herself up on an appropriately-sized object. In our apartment this is generally limited to the couch with one of the cushions off [2], Mom, or Dad—whether we want to be used this way or not. But she's also tried to do it, to varying degrees of success, on the recliner, the coffee table, her toy box, the entertainment center, and the dining room chairs.

But her favorite new thing to do is to walk while holding on with only one hand.[3] This leaves the other hand free for holding a toy or grabbing something she's not supposed to. Her ability to "drive" in this mode is limited—she often ends up veering. She also prefers to hold on with her left hand instead of her right.


[1] Before now she's only done an army crawl. See my post Army Crawl.

[2] Which is also where she does her cruising. See my post Cruising.

[3] For two-handed walking, see my post Walking (With Help).


  1. Wow, she'll be walking on her own before you know it! I wish I could see her clapping for herself! I bet it's so cute.

  2. I've added clapping and waving videos, but it's not after sitting up. She doesn't do that anymore.

  3. So does this mean that she's probably left handed? Given her preference for hand holding with that hand.

  4. I don't think children really become -handed until around two or three years of age, so no.