Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Product Review: Doritos Spicy Sweet CHILI Chips

I was intimidated by these chips for a long time. I would walk past them in the chips aisle at the grocery store. Even though I generally consider myself adventurous (at least when it comes to trying new foods), I always bypassed Doritos Spicy Sweet CHILI Chips in favor of something safer (at least on some level): Nacho Cheese, Salsa Verde, Spicy Nacho, or one of the many promotional flavors that I've already reviewed.[1][2] I imagined that these chips would taste mostly like cumin, but sweet—a mental concept which was somewhat abhorrent (hence my reaction each time I considered buying them). But then Leann pointed out to me that there are chili-flavored chips that I'm quite fond of (Chili Cheese Fritos) and they don't taste like cumin. So then I was emboldened. But there was still a lingering doubt: would they taste like cumin or like Chili Cheese Fritos?

My verdict: I was surprised when these turned out to be mostly sweet. They didn't taste like cumin or Chili Cheese Fritos. I should've known better since the name of the chips includes the word sweet, but then it includes the word spicy, too, and I didn't notice any heat. The idea of a sweet chip just didn't work for me, so even though they weren't gross, they weren't terrific either. And they definitely pale next to Chili Cheese Fritos. So I won't be buying them again.


[1] Cool Ranch is notably absent from this list because I think they are gross. If they're the only chips available, I might eat some. But I'd usually rather not.

[2] e.g. Flamas (see here), Pizza Supreme (see here), Taco flavor (see here), and Tapatío (see here) chips.

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