Saturday, May 5, 2012


Earlier this week, leading up to our anniversary [1], Leann made spaghetti for dinner because it's one of my favorite foods. We took advantage of this to introduce Lillian to spaghetti and take pictures of the inevitable mess. For our dinner, Leann used regular spaghetti pasta.[2] But for Lillian she made ditalini [3] since they would be easier for Lilli to pick up. She also got to try some homemade grape juice, courtesy of her Crook grandparents.

We usually just leave Lilli in her clothes and put on a bib. And we usually pull her chair up near the table, which is over carpet. But this time we knew better. We put her chair in the kitchen, over linoleum, and took off everything but her diaper. This proved to be wise.

Sometimes the light in our apartment makes Lilli's hair look reddish in photographs (in reality she's just blonde). But this time her hair is red because she put spaghetti sauce in it and gave herself a 'curl hawk'.

The final verdict? She thinks spaghetti is delicious.


[1] See my post Five Years (and be sure to watch the video of Lilli eating ice cream for the first time).

[2] To get an idea of how many different types of pasta there are (as well as what many of the names mean) see of pasta.

[3] Ditalini pasta look like elbow macaroni that have been cut into smaller pieces. In Italy elbow macaroni are called gomito pasta; the term maccheroni actually refers to the dough used, not the elbow shape.

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