Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Walking (With Help)

Babies are actually born with the ability to walk their legs. But they quickly "lose" this ability as they gain weight because their legs aren't strong enough. So when you hold them up all they can do is stand in place, or do squats. However, I say "lose" in quotes because if you hold a baby in water, the buoyancy from the water offsets their weight and they can still walk. As they get older they eventually gain enough muscle to restore their ability to walk outside of the water. Lilli reached that point a while ago (about the same time she could stand up against something without support [1]). I've been slow about capturing it on video, since I'm usually not around when Leann helps her walk. But now I have one.

She hasn't really figured out how to aim where she's going, yet, so I still get to drive.


[1] See my post Sitting Up and Standing Up.

1 comment:

  1. My children have really enjoyed this activity at a young only complaint is that the shorter they are, the harder it is on your back! If Lilli is like my kiddos, she wants to do it often.