Monday, March 5, 2012

Night Wind

One night, a little over a week ago, we had some strong wind that was blowing most of the night. It rattled the windows in the bedroom and woke Lilli up several times. One of the times I got up to calm her down I considered the noise made by the wind and how that can be terrifying for a little child. I wrote down my thoughts in freeform poetry [1] in order to capture their pure, raw essence. The first stanza is about the wind itself while the second is about the child's reaction to it (i.e. the reactions I had as a child or that I can imagine a child having).

Divine breath
Prowling ’round the house
Immense, unrelenting, baleful, and numinous
Gnawing on windows and doors
Desperately seeking ingress

Mortal offspring
Huddled in its bed
Alarmed, imperiled, trembling, and mute
Grimly resigned to its fate
Distrustful of sleep


[1] i.e. without intentional rhyme or meter.

Image attributions:

Wind blowing snow off a mountain is by Mark Henspeter, available at

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