Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fine Motor Skills

Lately Lillian has been working on her fine motor skills. Specifically on using her fingers to pick things up or manipulate things rather than using her entire fist. Sometimes she gets a really intense look on her face when she's trying to focus on what she's doing.

Here she's pulling down the light switch. She definitely understands that the switch can be moved. But she doesn't seem to realize that that's what is causing the lights to go out. (For this video it's hard to tell that the lights went out—we had the drapes open so that you could see what was going on.) If she's having a hard time landing one finger on the light switch she gets frustrated and stops playing. She can also turn the light on, but I didn't get that on video.

Now that she's been eating solid foods for a while [1], we've started letting her feed herself on occasion. Here she's eating cereal puffs. She's pretty good at picking them up, but getting them into her mouth is a bit more challenging.


[1] See my post Carrots.

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