Thursday, March 22, 2012

That Doesn't Go There!

In my ongoing effort to teach Lilli to recognize herself in the mirror [1], I've been helping her to notice when something is on my face that doesn't belong there. The idea behind this is that if she can recognize when something is out of place on my face, then she'll start to recognize when something is out of place on her reflection's face. And hopefully not long after that she'll realize that that means there's something on her face.

So now she can tell when I have a toy dangling from my ear…

…when I have a toy stuck on my mouth…

…and when I have little bits of tape on my face.

If I hang a toy from her ear she pulls it off. But she still doesn't look for the tape when I put it on her face. So I can't use that in the mirror test, yet. Admittedly, though, I can't always tell when I have these little bits of tape on my face. But she also does this with the nose strips I wear at night to keep me from snoring. And when I put one of those on her face (and they're quite a bit bigger), she still doesn't try to take them off—unless I put it on her head so dangles over one of her eyes. (In those cases she just can't figure out where it is and grabs at the air.)


[1] See my post Rillian the Reptilian Lillian.

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