Friday, March 9, 2012

Playing Catch

Two weeks ago I tried playing catch with Lillian. I sat her down, propped up against the couch (so she couldn't fall backwards) and put my feet on either side of her (so she couldn't tip over sideways). I rolled her the ball and she tried to roll it back (usually unsuccesfully). But she seemed to get the idea. I tried to take a video but by that point she was bored with the game and started playing with my shoelaces. Other times I tried to take a video but Lilli was too distracted by the camera to keep playing. Last week my mother-in-law came up to visit and I was able to enlist her help in getting some videos.

She hasn't quite mastered the technique of rolling the ball (several times she kicks it instead of rolling it). But she is definitely playing catch. It's not until the end, when she's bored with the game (and starting to get tired) that she loses interest and picks up the ball.

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