Thursday, January 19, 2012


A little over a week ago Lillian had her six-month checkup and our pediatrician said that we could start introducing her to solid foods. While it's traditional to start babies on rice cereal, he said we can let her try anything except dairy, nuts, strawberries, citrus, and uncooked honey.[1] So Leann cooked some carrots and mashed them up. With the exception of the fungus gnat I caught her eating [2], this is Lillian's first solid food.

As usual, she was distracted at first by the camera. But eventually we got her going. I think she liked the carrots, but at this point in time chewing on the rubbery end of the spoon is just as interesting for her. The next day Leann found two relatively intact chunks of carrot in Lilli's diaper. Oops!


[1] Dairy and nuts I knew were potential allergens, but I was not aware that the same is true for strawberries (the most common fruit allergy) or citrus. I wonder why soy and seafood isn't included in the list of foods to avoid? Uncooked honey shouldn't be given to babies because it frequently contains spores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism. Adults already have a stable community of bacteria established in their gut, so these spores don't cause us any harm. But babies under one year of age have a large amount of fluctuation in their gut bacteria, so these spores can actually give them botulism (which no one would want).

[2] See my post Growling, Gabbing, and Gnats.

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