Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product Review: Hall Avocado

I found this avocado in the same Mexican tienda as the Choquette avocado [1] when I went back looking for more. I didn't find any Choquette avocados, but since this variety was pretty big, too, I decided to try it. Since Leann can't currently have any dairy, I didn't try making avocado shakes [2] out of these big avocados. But at some point in the future I'd like to try. I deduced that this cultivar was Hall based on the description provided by the distributor (Agroindustria Ocoeña, S.A. [3]).

My verdict: Just like we did with the Choquette avocado, we made this avocado into guacamole [4] and ate it with Juanitas white corn chips.[5] This avocado has a mild flavor, so it made a rather muted guacamole. We like ours a little stronger. I cannot, however, discount the possibility that these would make a good avocado shake—they're certainly big enough.


[1] See my review here.

[2] Avocado shakes may sound like a terrible idea to you, but they're actually pretty good. You should at least try one, if you get the chance, before passing judgment.

[3] See

[4] If you combine the Náhuatl word for avocado (ahuacatl) and the Náhuatl word for sauce (molli), you get ahuacamolli or guacamole (i.e. "avocado sauce").

[5] Read my review of those chips here.

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  1. That really ture Matt. I make avocado into shake. Avocado, ice, milk (not-fat or whole milk, its your choice) and a little sugar...dump it all in a blender! It is really yummy and nuntritious, too. One big avocado can made 4 glasses of avocado shake! And it's worth around $3, rather than buying those coffee milk shake in fast food restaurants!