Friday, January 20, 2012

Product Review: Shepherds Chèvre Cheese

To be honest, the first time I had goat cheese I didn't like it. It was in a junior high English class. One of my fellow student's parents were immigrants from Greece. He brought in some sort of goat cheese traditionally made in Greece. I'm not even sure he told us what kind it was—just that it was goat cheese. None of us liked it. Some of us (this was Junior High, after all) even started joking about how it wreaked certain effects on the GI tract of anyone—anyone—who consumed any. I'm sure my fellow student was quite disappointed in our reception of his cheese heritage. Since then, however, goat cheese has been growing on me. Not on Leann, though. She insists that goat cheese tastes the same as the odor of the billy goat that lived next door to her when she was growing up.

My verdict: This variety of chèvre was tangier than other goat cheeses I've had (but I liked that). Based on advice from the Harmon's cheese blog [1] I tried melting some chèvre on buttered French bread. I liked it better than garlic toast with Parmesan cheese! It also tasted great melted on a hamburger. I even liked dipping grapes in it. I particularly like the mouthfeel of chèvre—it's about halfway between a cheap (i.e. grainy) sour cream and cream cheese. If you've never tried goat cheese, you really should. But I recommend you start out easy. Try it at a restaurant—e.g on pizza or a stuffed chicken breast—before you buy some and eat it plain.


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