Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product Review: Choquette Avocado

I found this monster in a Mexican tienda where it was labeled as "aguacate Fuerte" in Spanish and "Florida avocado" in English. A Fuerte ("strong") avocado is a cultivar of avocado which was developed in the Mexican state of Puebla and which gets its name from the fact that it's better than many other cultivars at withstanding frost.[1] I was, however, skeptical that this was actually a Fuerte since Fuerte avocados are pear-shaped and this one was not. Based on the English label, I suspect that this is a different avocado cultivar: Choquette. Choquette avocados are quite large, oval-shaped, and have a glossy bright green skin rather than a bumpy dark green one.[2]

My verdict: Since this provides more flesh than several Hass avocados, we made guacamole [3] out of it and ate it with Juanita's yellow corn chips.[4] It was rather watery. It's hard to know whether this was a feature shared by all Choquette avocados or if we just got one that didn't ripen well post-harvest.


[1] See cultivars.

[2] See avocado.

[3] If you combine the Náhuatl word for avocado (ahuacatl) and the Náhuatl word for sauce (molli), you get ahuacamolli or guacamole (i.e. "avocado sauce").

[4] Read my review of those chips here.

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