Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Product Review: Creminelli Wild Boar Salami

I've perused the selection of salamis at the local Harmon's grocery store on several occasions. But they're so expensive that only on one occasion was I able to bring myself to buy one.[1] Besides regular salamis, they have various flavors: with hot peppers, with truffles, infused with red wine, with salt and pepper, with garlic, with fennel seed, this one (made of wild boar meat), etc. However, last month Santa Claus decided that it was a special occasion and brought me one.[2] I ate it with my other Christmas presents, Gran Bu di Bufala cheese [3] and La Panzanella Mini Croccantini.[4]

My verdict: Unlike the salami I bought before, this one was a cured salami (i.e. there are bacteria and fungi intentionally used to age it). So if you buy one of these, be sure to remove the casing.[5] The rind on the casing is a little slimy and smells a little offensive, so you'll probably have to wash your hands when you're done (I had to). The salami itself is quite tasty, with little or no hint of the smell of the rind, though it was a bit tough. Salamis are so full of spices and preservatives that I'm not sure I'd be able to tell the difference between this wild boar salami and one made of beef or domestic pork. At over $12 a salami, it's not good enough to buy on a regular basis.


[1] Read my review of that salami, by Boar's Head, here.

[2] See my post Lillian's First Christmas.

[3] Read my review here.

[4] Read my review here.

[5] For an instructional video by Creminelli (the makers of this salami), see here. For information about their company in general, see here.

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