Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product Review: Juanitas Tortilla Chips and Rounds

I bought these because they were cheaper than the corn chips that we usually buy. This was a risk, though, since cheaper products often have some inferior quality compared to more expensive brands—e.g. less flavor, weird texture, actually have less product, etc. However, not only did these cost less, but they also had more chips in the bag than the brands we usually buy. The Juanitas tortilla chips (triangles) are made with yellow corn and the Juanitas tortilla rounds (circles) are made with white corn.[1]

My verdict: I thought these were a great bargain. They already had me satisfied with the price and the amount of chips, but then they delivered an excellent product, too. The tortilla chips (yellow) had the perfect balance of oil to salt; they were very flavorful and complimented the guacamole we made [2] very nicely. The tortilla rounds (white), on the other hand, were comparatively bland. Since I judged them in comparison with the yellow chips, I can't say for sure whether I'd like them better than other brands of white chips.


[1] You can check out the Juanitas website at

[2] We made guacamole out of a Choquette avocado (see here) and a Hall avocado (see here).

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