Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sun Spots

You might think, from the title of this post, that it has to do with temporary areas of reduced temperature in the photosphere of the sun which are visibly darker than the rest of that celestial body.[1] But there you would be wrong. In the title I am referring to instances where most of the light from the sun is filtered away, leaving only one or two bright spots. The other day Lilli found some of these and was having the darnedest time figuring out what they were. Even more confusing, they would disappear every time she moved in for a closer look.

There at the end it looks like she figures it out. We're not sure if she really did, or just noticed that she could see outside and got distracted.

But we're leaning towards the idea that she hasn't figured it out yet. Or, if she did, she quickly forgot. As you can see in this video, taken a couple days later, the sun spots on the balcony still held the same mystery.


[1] See spot.

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