Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Musician

Lilli's first introduction to music was in the NICU.[1] A nearby infant, named Gavin, had been there for several months and so he'd been upgraded from an incubator to a crib. He had a mobile that the nurses would sometimes turn on.[2] A few weeks after she came home, she became colicky, so we started playing music [3] to signal to her when it was bedtime. As she's become more alert, we've introduced more music. Her first attempt at making her own music came when she tried to imitate me making a Sprite bottle whistle.[4] But now she's expanded her repertoire of instruments.

Since the Sprite bottle required a little more skill than she yet had, we bought her a recorder. She's a natural (though she hasn't figured out how to use the finger holes, yet).

Playing the piano. A little ways into the video you'll see that she gives Jon Schmidt (who sometimes plays the piano upside down [5]) and Jason Lyle Black (who can play upside down or backwards [6]) a run for their money because she plays the piano with her feet! And she does it without a decline in the quality of her music! At the end of the video she also starts singing a little. Her cousin Lizzie has a small xylophone which Lilli has also played (but sorry, no videos).

And here she is playing the drums on a box (you can also here here say buh to mean "box" [7]). She also does this on the metal chairs at Church…


[1] See my post Unexpected Delivery.

[2] One of the nurses told us that playing music in the NICU didn't do anything for the babies, per se, but that it did have the effect of calming down the nurses so they'd be more quiet. Thus I imagine that the mobile was for Gavin's entertainment, not for soothing.

[3] We used (and still use) Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay.

[4] See my post Blowing.

[5] See this video and this video.

[6] See this video.

[7] See Leann's post All Important Words Start With the Letter B.

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