Tuesday, July 10, 2012

By Small Things Shall Great Things Pass Away

Like countless children before her, Lillian is discvering that she has a penchant for destruction. I, as an impartial narrator, have been gathering evidence for a month, or so, now. Some of it may shock you, but I give you my word that none of it has been staged or doctored in any way. What you're about to see is footage as raw as it gets. VDIA. As I've been pursuing coverage of these events, I've struggled to find words adequate to describe the horror of the things I've witnessed. In particular, I've had a hard time deciding what word to use to describe Lilli's role in all this.

After all she's at the top of the food chain—she'll even eat a Tyrannosaurus rex!

Is she a terrorist?

Is she a hobbit?

Is she a dragon?

Since she's way bigger than the towers she destroys, I've determined she's Godzillian! [1]


[1] Ideally she would be growling in this video, but I took what I could get.

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