Thursday, July 19, 2012

Product Review: Clawson: Cotswold Cheese

In the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, there is a range of hills called the Cotswolds which has been designated an Area of Natural Beauty.[1] The -wold element of the name is derived from the Old English word wald or weald which meant "woodland" [2]; the meaning of the cost- element is debated. There is a common yellow limestone, called Cotswold stone, which is quarried in the Cotswolds.[3] This cheese gets its name from the fact that it resembles the yellow Cotswold limestone. Cotswold is actually a Double Gloucester cheese with chives and green onions added to it.

My verdict: The cheese is creamy and has a nice tang to it. It reminded me of Dubliner cheese.[4] However I felt like the dried onions and chives were a little overpowering. On top of that I ate these with garlic-flavored Mini Croccantini [5], which was a lot of Allium vegetables to take all at once. I think I'd like the Double Gloucester without the Allium vegetables better. But it could be a while before I find out since I've only ever seen it available in the U.S. as Five Counties cheese.[6]


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