Thursday, July 19, 2012

Product Review: Boar's Head: Genoa Salame

The original Genoa salame was produced in the commune of Sant'Olcese in the Province of Genoa.[1] Part of its terroir [2] was due to raising the pigs on acorns, hazelnuts, and chestnuts that they could forage in the nearby hills and woodlands. The Genoa salami that is sold in the United States may or may not actually derived from its Italian counterpart. For one thing, in the United States it can be made using beef and contain little or no pork. But unlike other American salamis it will be fermented. Sources I've consulted [3] claim that it should have white peppercorns in it, but I didn't detect any. I have previously reviewed an Italian dry salami made by the same company.[4]

My verdict: This salame tastes great. Leann says it wasn't as gamey as the wild boar salami I got for Christmas.[5] I still don't know how to detect gaminess in meat, so I just have to take her word for it. Since I like it just as much, it's just as well, since this one costs 2/3 as much as the wild boar salami did.


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