Thursday, July 19, 2012

Product Review: La Panzanella: Mini Croccantini Garlic

Since I quite enjoyed the regular-flavored Mini-Croccantini from La Panzenella [1], I decided to branch out and try some of their other flavors. I'm not a fan of black pepper in general (which is mildly frustrating for Leann), so I've passed on that one for now. And the rosemary-flavored Mini-Croccantini were just a little intimidating. So I'm waiting a little longer before trying those, too. I decided to start with the Garlic-flavored Mini-Croccantini.

My verdict: These were garlicky. Very garlicky. In fact, too garlicky for my taste. Eating one by itself (i.e. without cheese or salami) was like licking a cut garlic clove. Even Leann, who loves garlic, admitted that these were a little over the top. So only try these if you're sure you like the flavor of garlic. A lot. The crunch is superb, but you can get that from the regular-flavored variety.


[1] Read my review here.

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