Thursday, April 7, 2011

Product Review: Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese

While browsing the cheeses available at the grocery store, I'd noticed Dubliner cheese, but didn't think much about it until they changed the packaging to pink (in support of breast cancer awareness).[1] Before buying it, I looked for information about it online. Surprisingly, there was no entry for it at but there was an entry at Wikipedia.[2]

My verdict: When I first opened up the Dubliner cheese I thought it smelled a little citrusy. And it tasted citrusy in the first bite, but that quickly gave way to other flavors in the cheese. It has a little zing to it, similar to Gorgonzola cheese, but not as intense. I ate it with fresh strawberries which offset the sharpness of the cheese and helped to reset my palate a little bit. This is my second favorite non-standard cheese that I've tried so far, after Manchego.[3] I'm not sure everyone would enjoy it, though. After smelling it, Leann didn't even want to try it.


[1] Breast cancer awareness isn't something I'm particularly passionate about, the change in color just caught my eye.

[2] See cheese.

[3] You can read my review of Manchego as well as several other cheeses here.

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