Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Find It: SnowY

Last Saturday it was balmy enough to walk around in short sleeves and without a jacket. Overnight it snowed 2–3 inches. That came as a bit of a shock. So once again there was snow on Y Mountain—so much that it was almost impossible for me to spot the Y. Can you? [1]

Here are a few other shots that I took from campus.

And, just because I want to show it off, here is a picture of a shrub I photographed on Saturday, while Leann and I were out for a walk.




  1. I must be REALLY lame because I can't even find the "Y" when I click on the "cheat" button! I'm at a slight disadvantage, though, because I don't know where I should be looking to find it, having never lived in Provo.

  2. Wow. Found it, and it really blends in there. The edges are almost invisible. I confess I found it by looking for the switch backs from the parking lot to get the general area.

    Anyway, beautiful pictures.

  3. Hmm...when you click on the cheat button and move your mouse over the picture, it's supposed to pop up with a clue hovering next to the Y. For some reason it's not working properly. I usually have to refresh the page several times before it will work right. Sorry!

  4. I found it but I had to click on the image to make it bigger and thus easier to see! I didn't see a cheat button...that would've been nice!