Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Product Review: Combos 2

That's right, it's time again to revisit the delectable snacks of my childhood.[1] This time around we're considering two pretzel flavors: Pizzeria Pretzel and Cheddar Cheese Pretzel. Just to be clear, these aren't actual pretzels; the outside shell of the snack is just made the same way as pretzels are. Other Combos are made with a cracker shell or a tortilla shell.[2]

My verdict: The Pizzeria Pretzel Combos were okay. I expected them to just taste like basil, but the flavor was actually more complex than that. The Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Combos were pretty mild, but every once in a while one of them popped open just right, inundating my mouth with cheesy goodness. I don't think that either of these are my favorite Combos, but I like them both just fine.


[1] For my review of Cheeseburger Cracker Combos, see here.

[2] You can see a list of all their currently available flavors at their website (and be sure to check out their "Combivore Tools").

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