Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Television Review: EUReKA, Season 2

The episodes of the second season of EUReKA follow the same formula as those of the first: something weird happens, the sheriff investigates, one or more cutting-edge technologies being developed by the citizens of Eureka is implicated, and just as things come to a head the sheriff has a moment of lucidity and figures out how to avert the disaster. Often the developments in the town are mirrored in the relationships between the residences, allowing the presentation of a moral (or at least a feel-good moment) at the end. Along the way we learn about the mysterious Artifact.

My verdict: Despite the formulaic nature of the episodes, I find that EUReKA generally manages to stay fresh and enjoyable.[1] There are a few minor detractors, though: 1. Their science jargon is often silly [2]; 2. most of the characters are quirky and enjoyable, but this season an obnoxious new character is introduced (Zach); and 3. retconning.[3] More on that last: I dislike it when writers introduce a new idea and then offer a convoluted explanation as to why it hasn't come up before. In this season Sheriff Carter's ex-wife shows up asking for their daughter back. It is then (instead of last season) that we learn that they had a deal that Zoe was only going to stay in Eureka for a year. The writers did it to add some drama, but to me it just felt like a retcon.


[1] My favorite episode of the season was "Noche de SueƱos" (i.e. Night of Dreams) in which people in the town start sharing dreams—with shocking results. A Zorro-eque dream was particularly amusing.

[2] Whenever they start peppering their conversation with biology or chemistry terms I cringe. They almost always use them incorrectly or imply things that are completely fanciful. And that leads me to believe that they're doing the same thing with physics and engineering terms. Even so, the way that speculative technology plays into the plots of the episodes is often what I enjoy most. Because of this, it was a bit of a let down when they invoked the Akashic field, a very non-scientific concept (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akashic field).

[3] To learn what retcon means, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retcon.


  1. I think you have footnotes two and three reversed.

    I'm waiting for the new season to start.

  2. Wow. The footnotes were a mess! But I think I've got them sorted out, now. Thanks.