Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peach Days 2012

I grew up near Brigham City, Utah, but I only made it to the city festival, Peach Days, a couple of times. This last weekend was Peach Days, and Leann has wanted to see it for the last several years, so we drove up on Saturday. We also wanted to go through the open house for the new Brigham City Temple, which is going on from August 18th to September 15th of this year.[1]

On the way up, we stopped to see my parents in Willard. They got to see Lilli and we picked tomatoes and peaches out of their garden. Here is a miniplanet I made of their house.[2]

Outside the Brigham City Temple they have fruit trees. In this photo you can see apples on the trees. We didn't see any, but it's my understanding that there are also peach trees on the grounds. The interior of the Brigham City Temple was incredible. I particularly liked the baptismal font and Leann was excited about the birds painted on the walls of the instruction room.[3]

We also stopped by the Peach Days Flower Show only to discover that it was over and that some of the flower arrangements, including several of the winners, had already been retrieved.

But we did see this really weird set of puppets in the entrance.

The booths went on for several blocks. We saw our friend Autumn at the Shelf Reliance booth.[4] I'm confident in saying that the Peach Days fair is at least twice as big as Provo's Freedom Days and the carnival rides are better (even though I didn't go on any this year). They had (at least) a circular roller coaster, a super slide, a Ferris wheel, and a zipper.

We bought some "chili-cheese fries" while we were there. I put it in quotes because they peel a potato into a long ribbon, deep fry it, and cover it with cheese and chili. So they're not traditional fries. Lilli liked them better than the regular fries we've given her, though. We also got peach ice cream from both Peach City and The Dixie Grill. Peach City gives you more peaches but The Dixie Grill's peaches were fresher. We weren't really satisfied with either, though, since both of them just put chopped peaches into vanilla soft serve. We wanted peach ice cream, not vanilla–peach shakes.

On our way up and on our way back, we gave my brother-in-law, Luke, a ride. He's currently stationed at Camp Williams. Here is a panorama of Utah Valley from the entrance.

One more thing. One of the trucks in the Camp Williams parking lot had a decal that said, "Serving Utah for over a decade." That's the way I read it, initially. But Leann insists that it looks more like "Sewing Utah for over a decade." What do you think?


[1] See

[2] See my post Make Your Own Miniplanet.

[3] You can see the baptismal font, instruction room, and other rooms of the Brigham City Temple here.

[4] Learn more at

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