Monday, September 24, 2012

Picnic on the South Fork of the Provo River

This Friday I took Leann and Lillian up Provo Canyon to do some picnicking.[1] At Vivian Park we went up into the mountains, following the South Fork of the Provo River. There are two parks up that way and when I've been up there before I haven't seen very many people, so I thought we'd have the place relatively to ourselves. But both parks were full (and both had weddings being set up). We went to the park farther up (Big Springs Park) and had our picnic anyway—we just had to watch out for flying footballs.

When we parked, Lilli got to see some horses on one of the hiking trails. After the picnic we went on a hike up one those trails. Once again I was surprised at how many people we saw on the hike. A lot of them were up there photographing the autumn leaves (and one couple was getting their engagement photos taken with the autumn leaves as the backdrop).

We got some pictures of Lilli frolicking (click on them to see bigger versions).


[1] For a similar trip we went on last year, see my post Afternoon Drive.

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