Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cute Little Curls

When I was born I was a little baldy. Soon my hair came in (though now it's on its way out) and for a while I even had a fringe of curls but eventually those got clipped. As far back as I can remember I haven't let my hair get long enough to see if it still curls. My sisters' hair doesn't curl anymore, so I suspect that it was just a thing of childhood. Lilli finally has enough hair that she has that same fringe of curls (so I guess it's heritable). Throughout the day the curls get kind of limp but right after she takes a bath they really pop.

She doesn't have as many curls as Shirley Temple, but I think she's cuter.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, they are so adorable! I know Melissa's hair is still curly. The thing with our hair is that it's so thick and heavy and LONG that the curls don't stand a chance. I bet if Melissa cut her hair short it would be more noticeably curly.