Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reading (with Help)

Lillian is really quick to repeat new words.[1] And more often than not she's able to remember them. When we read books to her, now, we can leave out the last word on each page and she'll fill it in. Since she's so willing to repeat what we say, we've started teaching her how to pray. We say something to ask for or be grateful for and she repeats the last word. (Sometimes she does this in Church or when we have guests, too, which is adorable.) We also recently started reading a verse or two from the Scriptures with her before she goes to bed. An example follows. The text is 2 Ne. 4:28–29.[2]

She's whispering because Leann whispers when she helps Lilli say her prayers. (Sorry, the first part is cut off.)


[1] From a very young age she's been ahead in her linguistic development. See Leann's post All Important Words Start With the Letter B.

[2] You can follow along here, if you like.

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