Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Making Piles

Lilli has recently developed a penchant for making piles. She usually does this with her stuffed toys. She'll throw them in a corner, in the hall, on the couch, into her crib, etc. A few "not like the others" toys find their way into these piles, including a baby doll and her piggy bank.[1] And sometimes, just to stir things up, she'll also throw a handful of puzzle pieces or bead necklaces over the top. But sometimes (and we think this is the funniest variation) she'll stuff them behind a folding chair we keep in her room. And she's very particular about where the toys fall. If the pile of toys is on the floor, it's not complete until she throws herself on top and rolls around in it.

And here she is in action.


[1] See my post Moneygrubber.

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  1. Elyse (who is visiting) was pretty excited about watching this movie. Josie liked it, too. It's funny the things kids do. It's so fun to see their personalities becoming more defined. At this age Josie had to gather up everything to take with her every time we went somewhere--several purses, a doll car seat, and more. Katie loved to put small toys in a bucket. When I'd take her to do our garden at a neighbor's house, I'd bring a bucket with toys and she'd stay put. Thanks for posting videos of Lilli so we can see! --Rachel