Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easter 2013

Well, I must apologize. I had every intention of posting about our Easter this year within a few days after it happened. But for some reason I forgot. I only just discovered the pictures and videos on the camera. So I've quickly thrown together a little post showing some of the highlights of Easter this year.

The week before Easter, Leann and I were asked to speak in Church.[1]

The Saturday immediately before Easter we went to a Primary activity (i.e. an LDS Church activity for children 12 and under) where Lilli listened to a brief lesson about how we can be protected by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Then there was an Easter egg hunt, but it was so chaotic that Lilli didn't really understand what was going on. On top of that, she couldn't eat most of her candy because it had dairy in it.

So when we got home we set up our own little egg hunt and she had a much better time.

There were also hidden surprises for Leann (left) and me (right). Now if you're astute, you'll notice that most of the items in my basket aren't sold individually. So, lest you think that I got more than Leann, keep in mind that the rest of those Baby Ruths and Reese's Candy Eggs ended up somewhere… In addition to those leftover candies, Leann also got the ridiculously large Reese's Peanut Butter Egg shown on the left. She'd never seen one so big. However, she said that making it this size threw off the chocolate:peanut butter ratio.[2]

Then we dyed some Easter eggs (the chicken kind, not the plastic kind).

The morning of Easter Sunday Lilli got to wear her new Easter dress (but she wouldn't hold still for the camera).

And Leann's amaryllis bloomed.


[1] You can read my talk, "The Thorny Crown", here.

[2] This is because as you increase the size of a shape, like an oblong sphere in this case, the volume increases faster than the surface area does. Besides affecting Leann's peanut butter egg experience it also has some other interesting consequences. You can read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface-area-to-volume ratio (especially the sections on physical chemistry and biology).


  1. First off, cute family. I came across your blog very randomly while searching Serratia marcescens. I'm in med school at USUHS and graduated from the U. It was nice to randomly come across another Mormon on the web. Strong work with your blog. Keep it up... your blog is the source of the first image that pops up on Bing.

  2. That's funny, because I got the image from Wikipedia (see here).