Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Product Review: Neal's Yard: Ticklemore cheese

My in-laws are in town this week and a few days ago we all took a trip up to Capitol Square. We wandered around for a while and entered a few shops.[1] One of the shops we hit was a cheese shop, called Fromagination. They had a decent selection and an impressive amount of cheeses out for sampling. Ostensibly one of the purposes of our trip was so that I could buy a goat cheese or a sheep cheese. So I did. (This one is a British goat cheese.[2]) After that we went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner and then, after Lilli went to bed, Leann and I went to a movie (Star Trek: Into Darkness).[3]

My verdict: I didn't think this cheese was very goaty, but Leann was quite upset with me for letting her try it. Even so, I still think this is pretty mild as far as goat cheeses go. It had a crumbly and creamy texture. The flavor (goatiness aside) was reminiscent of cream cheese. As you get in closer to the rind it's a little bit tingly on your tongue. There are goat cheeses I like better, but if you want to start off easy, this is a viable candidate.


[1] Another shop we visited was an antiques store. I found an 8-inch fossilized turtle for $20 and my father-in-law turned it into a graduation present.

[2] See

[3] Review forthcoming.

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