Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lincoln's First Hallowe'en 2013

This year we went to the 'trunk-or-treat' [1] at the Church the weekend before Hallowe'en and then on Hallowe'en day we took Lilli trick-or-treating in the neighborhood south of our apartment complex. It was cold and rainy, so we only went to about ten houses. This actually worked in our favor because the people we visited were afraid they wouldn't get any more trick-or-treaters, so they gave Lilli handfuls of candy. She quickly caught on and started asking for "another person" as soon as she'd gotten her candy from someone.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Learning Numbers

It's been a while since Lilli learned her alphabet and what sounds are associated with each letter.[1] So lately we've been trying to teach Lilli her numbers, but somewhere along the way she got it in her head that they go: "one, two, three, nine…" [2] Despite extensive coaching, that's still what she usually says. I've been focued so much on correcting this issue that I didn't realize that Leann had moved on to higher numbers. So, I was a bit surprised when, while shooting this video, Lilli got past five and kept going!