My mom says I basically taught myself to read. I still read a lot. Even with all the other things I have going on, I can usually finish a book in a week or two (depending on how engaging it is). I can help you decide whether or not you want to read the same titles.


One or twice a week we get a movie from Netflix. And if we get bored in between those times, there's always the "Watch Instantly" feature or RedBox (or, on rare occasions, the movie theater). Find out what I thought about a given film.


Sometimes I have tedious chores to do in the lab, like picking up colonies of bacteria with a toothpick and transferring them onto plates with antibiotics in them to see if they're resistant. So to alleviate the boredom, I sometimes listen to music. Here's what I've sampled and what I think about it.


These are reviews of food products that either 1. I'm trying for the first time or 2. I suspect most or all of you haven't tried even though I already have. I'm willing to experiment: while I was in México I ate rata de monte (my best guess is the white-throated woodrat) and chorizo made of mountain lion; while I was in Arkansas I ate frog legs and alligator. Chances are, though, that most of the things in this list won't be that exotic.

Television Shows

When I have tedious things to do in the lab and I'm not listening to music, then I'm probably catching up on a few television shows on Hulu or Netflix. I generally prefer shows that have to be watched in order over shows that feature stand-alone episodes. And I usually prefer that there be some sort of science fiction element to them.

Video Games

I don't play that many video games, so this will probably be the shortest list. I prefer puzzle games (like Portal), but I've also played a few first-person shooters.