Thursday, December 16, 2010

Product Review: TGI Friday's Jalapeño Poppers

I'm generally not a fan of the flavor of jalapeños [1], but one exception is jalapeño poppers. I first had them at IHOP one early morning after staying up all night with some friends. I don't make it to IHOP very often [2], but TGI Friday's has jalapeño poppers available in the frozen section of the grocery store, so I can still eat them on occasion.

TGI Friday's' jalapeño poppers come with one of two different fillings: cheddar cheese (shown on the left) or cream cheese (shown on the right).[3] You can cook them in the microwave or (even better) bake them in the oven, which only takes 10–12 minutes. They have a little bit of heat to them, but not much and it doesn't build.

My verdict: I like them both, but the cream cheese poppers are quite a bit better than the cheddar poppers—they're…creamier. But I can totally eat a whole box of either by myself.


[1] I prefer the flavor of other peppers, like serrano peppers, pequín peppers, or poblano peppers, for example.

[2] Actually, that doesn't matter anymore since IHOP no longer has jalapeño poppers on their menu.

[3] You'll notice that the pictures on the boxes are identical except for the two open poppers. It looks to me like the cheddar poppers are the original picture and the cream cheese poppers are the faked picture. I guess it was easier to pay someone to digitally alter the image instead of just cooking up some of the cream cheese poppers and taking another picture.


  1. no it is not a digitally altered photo. if you look closely the poppers in both the pics are not in the same spots and theres more of the plate showing in the 1st pic

  2. Yes it is. If you cross your eyes so that the two boxes superimpose, you'll see that they're identical except for the open, oozing poppers. The flash from my camera kind of messes this up, but if you do it with the actual boxes, this is readily apparent.

  3. Mat's right. Do the magic eye trick (cross-eyes, not paralell) and they are identical save the color of the filling.

  4. Tasted like the jalepenos were soaked in chlorine bleach. Yuck.