Thursday, December 30, 2010

Television Review: No Ordinary Family, Season 1.0

ABC's new series, No Ordinary Family, features a family quite similar to the family in The Incredibles, only their powers develop suddenly. Thus they are forced to cope with how these new powers affect them personally and in their relationships with those around them. They also have to decide how they're going to use those powers.

The Mom's voice is obnoxiously reminiscent of Joey Lauren Adams (squeaky and nasal). It makes it nearly impossible for me to buy her as a top-paid scientist at a biotech company.[1] And the son looks like too much of a goofball to match his superpower. A few of them have turned up with weaknesses, which is good—I just wish they wouldn't keep calling it "your Kryptonite".

I commend them for making their primary focus how the new superpowers affect them and their relationships—especially their family relationships. There is an overarching storyline with someone who seems to be creating supervillains, but right now it's a little murky where that's going. The first half of the season does end with an intriguing twist.

My verdict: There's more profanity than there should be in a show that's obviously catering to families. The show is a little cheesy and the story lines (at least so far) have been rather predictable. But it's still a fun show. It still remains to be seen whether it can do any better than it's recently-deceased predecessor, Heroes.[2]


[1] Her ditzy lab assistant is also a little unbelievable.

[2] I have my doubts, but I'd like to see this one survive.

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