Thursday, December 30, 2010

Television Review: THE EVƎNT, Season 1.0

The Evɘnt is kind of like a cross between LOST and 24. It features human-looking extraterrestrials [1] who are being kept imprisoned in a secret facility in Alaska. When the new President of the United States learns of their existence, the plans to reveal it to the world. This precipitates an attack on the President which is mysteriously  and fantastically averted. This prompts the President to hold his tongue but also start an investigation into who was responsible for the attack and who was responsible for preventing it.

The pilot was a little incomprehensible because of its nonlinearity, but the subsequent episodes fall into a more linear format.[2] Even so, it is still not clear who was behind the attack, or how they're connected to the extraterrestrials. So far there are three major story arcs running: the President's investigation into the attack, the orchestrations of some extraterrestrials who have evaded imprisonment, and the search for the pilot's kidnapped daughter.[3] All have produced some interesting plot developments, but there are only hints as to how the different threads relate to each other. The mid-season finale produced an excellent cliffhanger.

My verdict: The show has maintained my interest, so far. The creators have indicated that they intend to deviate from the format of LOST by resolving questions and mysteries just a few episodes after they're introduced. It's a bold move; we'll see if they can pull it off. I'll probably stick with them as long as they're on the air.


[1] They coin the ridiculous term EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities) for these aliens.

[2] However, just like LOST, the characters are occasionally fleshed out through flashbacks.

[3] i.e. the pilot who was sent to kill the President.

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