Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lights at Temple Square

Last weekend, after Leann came back from her sister Sherri's wedding, we took advantage of being in Salt Lake City and hopped over to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was foggy that night and it turns out that our cameras are really good at taking pictures of the fog. When we tried to take pictures of the lights the flash would illuminate the water droplets in the air and the camera would focus on those water droplets. So we have lots of pictures of sparkly air with fuzzy Christmas lights in the background. We tried taking pictures without the flash on, but that seems to be impossible for digital cameras to do—every picture was blurred. Well, every picture but one:

I set the camera down on the reflection pool, turned off the flash, and pushed the button (hoping that the camera couldn't detect the motion of the Earth and blur the photo). What caught my attention about the scene was that the lights that were shining on the Nativity were also shining on the fog. This particular light seemed to be standing in for the Star of Bethlehem. I guess if only one photo could turn out, I'm glad it was this one.

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