Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A White Christmas

Just before Thanksgiving BYU campus was shut down early because they anticipated a blizzard worse than anything we'd seen in many years. The storm dropped a lot of snow on Ogden and Salt Lake City but didn't have enough momentum to make it around Point of the Mountain. In Utah Valley we didn't even get an inch of snow. Well, last night we finally got our white stuff. I took pictures:

Maeser Hill covered in snow.

Some of the ducks at the BYU Botany Pond decided to tough it out instead of flying south for the winter.

There was snow on every branch.

Some branches were weighed down with snow.

Some branches didn't make it.

Most birds are gone for the winter, but the robins are still around. They look especially red against the white snow.

Tall snowy evergreens.

And close up.

Four lonely trees, covered in snow.

And finally, the lamppost of Lantern Waste, near the bright city of War Drobe in the far land of Spare Oom.

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